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I’m also both a designer & artist, and have been designing t-shirts from my screen-printing days in American high school. And now, I’ve partnered up with an awesome printing company to deliver awesome gift ideas for the aspiring polyglot you already know.

foreign language book reviews

Foreign Book Reviews

I just joined a book club and have a long list of classics I’ve read in various languages to practice my target languages. Some are even your English favorites that have been translated to other languages. My college poetry professor once said “you cannot translate a poem, only write a poem based on a poem.” Let that sink in, I challenge you to read one of your favorite books in a different language and see what new perspective you walk away with.


Review Free Resources

I don’t see technology beating a good ol’ fashioned language exchange with a partner face-to-face, but I maintain a resources list of mostly free applications, software, study aids, & other language learning blogs to keep you alive and hungry. If you run a similar blog, have built an app or have alternative study methods online, let me know and I’ll gladly add it to the list.